Our Services

Bid Intelligence can provide a wide range of consultancy services, developed to deliver valuable advice and support to our clients whilst utilising our previous project experience to tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each particular commission.

Our consultancy services include:

Bid Direction

We can undertake the role of Bid Director to lead complex bidding processes, develop bid strategy and identify winning propositions.

Bid Review

We can provide constructive challenge to the bid process, solution, price and overall value proposition. We can review your bid pre and post tender to improve your chances of winning and identify improvements.

Bid Support

Our expert team can provide FM solution design; help write bid responses and support due diligence and site visits.

Value Proposition

Value in complex services bidding is not a predetermined product. Creating a winning value proposition to the customer requires a lot of effort. We can assist in understandings the customer’s explicit and implicit requirements and your own business capabilities and value to help build winning value propositions.

Cost Management

We can build and manage complex cost and price models and undertake supporting procurement exercises.

Bid Delivery

We can help manage internal and external relationships to gain the greatest impact.